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Pasco hardware store closes after decades of business

Davis Hardware, a west Pasco County landmark, has closed its doors after about 75 years in business.

Davis Hardware has changed hands a few times throughout the years, most recently it was owned by Howard Dubrow.

But not everyone knows it is closed, some customers were surprised at the news.

“I feel bad, ” said former customer Bob Neubauer. “Free enterprise — I hate to see him go.”

“They have nowhere else to find that little special something for their house,” said former customer Rick Albrecht.

But the former owner says that was the problem, and it’s hard to run a business selling dollar items here and there.

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Food Bank Running Out Of Food, Looking To Raise Own Crops

tomato-plant.jpgNew Port Richey, Fla. – BY CARL ORTH

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – Volunteer Way and
River Ridge Presbyterian Church officials met last
night to talk about raising crops to supply produce
for the nonprofit food bank, which often finds
its shelves bare.

The Rev. Bill Gunter, the church’s pastor, said congregational leaders talked Monday with Lester Cypher, Volunteer Way chief executive officer, and other officials of the nonprofit food bank on Congress Street.

Volunteer Way leaders hope to have volunteers growing crops on one or two acres of River Ridge Presbyterian land near the church, which is at 9230 Ridge Road.

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A Local Icon: Ile de France

by John Ubeledsc00603.jpg

I normally don’t write stories about local news. But when I found out
that one of my favorite restaurants was closed I felt compelled to
write something about it. Ile de France was an exquisite French
restaurant that had been an icon in the Pasco county business
scene for over 23 years. 

I remember the last time I was there it was for my 29th birthday. I was treated to a delicious entrée of Chicken Au Con. The singing chef(owner) of the restaurant Gaetau sang several sets while his pianist played in the background.  

Ile de France provided a wonderful dining experience and by doing so it carved out a special niche for itself in our community. Unfortunately there are very few French restaurants in the greater Tampa Bay area that offer the quality and atmosphere that Ile de France was known for.


The restaurant will be greatly missed by many patrons myself included. The sign on the door illustrates the heartbreaking tale of another fixture in our local community which is now gone forever.