Another Bleak Sign for Retail – 100% Vacant Prime Plaza in Palm Harbor Florida

In this video I show a 100% vacant prime location plaza on US 19 in Palm Harbor, Florida. Sadly the current depression is breaking many small businesses which is having a negative effect on retail centers throughout the United States.


Thieves target pricey boats on Florida’s west coast

A criminal ring thought to be working its way up Florida’s west coast is suspected in the recent thefts of five high-priced Pinellas County boats, the type often used to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

“These are not random acts,” said Charlie Meacham, a Jacksonville-based private investigator working for several insurance companies to try to recover the stolen boats. “These guys are professionals. They are in and out, and before you know it, the boat is in Mexico.”

Meacham, who is investigating several of the Pinellas County thefts, just returned from Cancun, where he says he found 44 boats reported stolen in Florida.

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Food Bank Running Out Of Food, Looking To Raise Own Crops

tomato-plant.jpgNew Port Richey, Fla. – BY CARL ORTH

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. – Volunteer Way and
River Ridge Presbyterian Church officials met last
night to talk about raising crops to supply produce
for the nonprofit food bank, which often finds
its shelves bare.

The Rev. Bill Gunter, the church’s pastor, said congregational leaders talked Monday with Lester Cypher, Volunteer Way chief executive officer, and other officials of the nonprofit food bank on Congress Street.

Volunteer Way leaders hope to have volunteers growing crops on one or two acres of River Ridge Presbyterian land near the church, which is at 9230 Ridge Road.

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