Ralph Nader: Obama will be like Bush

Russian troops in South Ossetian capitol to help stop violence

Congress Knows of Martial Law Plan to be Implemented in Late 2008

Just found this today, Don’t know who this radio host is, but if his leaks are true then the US Economy will collapse by the end of 08.

He lists things that were leaked to him because finally some congress members have awaken from the lies.

Ron Paul even stated that something big is going to happen.

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Black, Hispanic gangs kill each other over turf

Latino gang members were hunting for black people in the Harbor Gateway community of Los Angeles.

Age was not a factor. Neither was gender.

Cheryl Green, 14, was on her scooter, talking to friends when a hail of bullets killed the 8th-grader and injured several other black youngsters.

That was December 2006. But the race-motivated carnage has only increased since then, say law-enforcement authorities from coast to coast – with Hispanic gangs targeting blacks and black gang reciprocating as their communities are increasing surrounded by the exploding population of Hispanics, much of it fueled by illegal immigration.

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New Mexican ‘revolución’ crosses border, infects U.S.

There’s a growing revolution in Mexico that pits the emerging smuggling-based illegal economy built by wealthy cartels, against the traditional, oil and tourist-based economy, the army and privileged classes of old Mexico. This revolution threatens the national security of the United States but is a non-event in the U.S. press and unknown to most Americans.

Those of us who live close to the border between the United States and Mexico are used to the daily reports of violent atrocities that accompany the incessant smuggling of people, drugs, weapons and whatever along its 1,600-mile span.

The media, in border towns on either side, are filled with stories of the travails of immigrants, the costs of immigrants and the violence that comes with this illegal tsunami of people. Every immigrant yearning to breathe free and every terrorist yearning to blow us up knows that the border with Mexico is open to all for the right price. The income from this trade is huge and has long ago attracted a consolidation of skilled and violent smuggling cartels who have carved out territories over which they exercise as much or more control as the Mexican government.

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Chavez warns Colombia over US base

Venezuela’s president has warned Colombia against building a US military base on the countries shared border, saying he would consider such a move an act of “aggression”.

Hugo Chavez said on Thursday that he would not allow a US military base to be established in La Guajira, a region spanning northeastern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela.

“We will not allow the Colombian government to give La Guajira to the empire,” Chavez said, referring to the US during a speech to a packed auditorium of uniformed soldiers.

“Colombia is launching a threat of war at us.”

The Venezuelan leader said that if Colombia built the base, his government would revive a decades-old territorial conflict and stake a claim to the entire region.

The US maintains a military base at the Pacific port of Manta in Ecuador, but Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s president and an ally of Chavez, has repeatedly said he will not renew the 10-year leases when it runs out next year.

Chavez said that William Brownfield, the US Ambassador to Colombia, had suggested that the Ecuador base could be moved to La Guajira.

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Al-Sadr may restart full-scale fight against US in Iraq

Muqtada al-Sadr is considering setting aside his political ambitions and restarting a full-scale fight against U.S.-led forces — a worrisome shift that may reflect Iranian influence on the young cleric and could open the way for a shadow state protected by his powerful Mahdi Army.

A possible breakaway path — described to The Associated Press by Shiite lawmakers and politicians — would represent the ultimate backlash to the Iraqi government’s pressure on al-Sadr to renounce and disband his Shiite militia.

By snubbing the give-and-take of politics, al-Sadr would have a freer hand to carve out a kind of parallel state with its own militia and social services along the lines of Hezbollah in Lebanon, a Shiite group founded with Iran’s help in the 1980s.

It also would carry potentially disastrous security implications as the Pentagon trims its troops strength and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki finally shows progress on national reconciliation.

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