Gold Buying Contributing To Criminality?

In the following video I discuss the explosion of the gold buying culture in the United States and I illustrate how gold buying is indirectly contributing to a sharp rise in jewelry theft.

Thieves target pricey boats on Florida’s west coast

A criminal ring thought to be working its way up Florida’s west coast is suspected in the recent thefts of five high-priced Pinellas County boats, the type often used to smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

“These are not random acts,” said Charlie Meacham, a Jacksonville-based private investigator working for several insurance companies to try to recover the stolen boats. “These guys are professionals. They are in and out, and before you know it, the boat is in Mexico.”

Meacham, who is investigating several of the Pinellas County thefts, just returned from Cancun, where he says he found 44 boats reported stolen in Florida.

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Somali pirates take Spanish vessel

A Spanish tuna fishing boat has been boarded by Somali pirates and its 26-member crew taken hostage.

The pirates are thought to be sailing the boat, damaged in the attack, to the coast of Somalia.

The incident on Sunday comes days after pirates released the 30-strong crew of a French yacht which was taken on April 11 in the same waters.

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