Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression

Events are moving fast in Europe. The worst riots since the fall of Communism have swept the Baltics and the south Balkans. An incipient crisis is taking shape in the Club Med bond markets. S&P has cut Greek debt to near junk. Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish bonds are on negative watch.

Dublin has nationalised Anglo Irish Bank with its half-built folly on North Wall Quay and €73bn (£65bn) of liabilities, moving a step nearer the line where markets probe the solvency of the Irish state.

A great ring of EU states stretching from Eastern Europe down across Mare Nostrum to the Celtic fringe are either in a 1930s depression already or soon will be. Greece’s social fabric is unravelling before the pain begins, which bodes ill.

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Four Proofs of Silver Manipulation!

Here is my proof that there has been manipulation, especially recently.

1. First proof:
Over nineteen major coin shops around the world ran out of silver as the price fell from $21 to $16, as I documented here: from March 19th to April 2, and there are many reports even now that it will take a month or longer to get silver! Some of the big name shops included the Canadian Mint, the U.S. Mint, the Perth Mint, Kitco, Amark who is Johnson Matthey’s number one silver distributor to the public, and Johnson Matthey is the largest silver refiner in the U.S. Other major online dealers popular with investors who ran out included Tulving, NWT Mint, CNI Numismatics, APMEX, and more.

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Ron Paul on the Economic Collapse!