Nationalist Coalition Southeast Region Meeting

by John Ubele

Our Florida Chapter is looking into the feasibility of holding a meeting for our members throughout the Southeast. We have a considerable number of members and supporters in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas and we would like to meet you in person and give you some ideas on how to become more politically active. At the meeting we’ll give a review of past activism in our region, and we’ll tell you about our media projects and our recent successes using Youtube and other video hosting sites to get our message out to the public.

Other topics we’ll discuss will be my last campaign for Florida representative and how we can use political campaigns to generate publicity for our organization. I’ll also be speaking about ways to get involved with your local political committees. The meeting will be conducted by Todd Weingart, our Florida Chapter coordinator and myself. The meeting will be open to non-members as well as members.

Right now we’re in the planning stages of this event, so we need those of you who can commit to attending to contact us at If we can get a substantial number of commitments and advance ticket sales then we’ll set up a date during the second half of the year at a conference room located in the greater Tallahassee area.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Political Cesspool Joins RBN!

Political Cesspool debuts on the Republic Broadcasting Network Saturday, September 6, 9:00pm CST

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. We’re officially part of the Republic Broadcast Network, and scheduled to begin broadcasting at our new time starting on Saturday, September 6th. After four years of delivering this award-winning show locally in Memphis and via the internet, we’re poised to make a giant leap forward.

Yes, we’ll be moving to Saturdays after this weeks (August 31) regular Sunday broadcast. Our new time slot, beginning September 6, is 9pm to midnight, Central time. Memphis area listeners, don’t fret. We’ll still be carried live on AM 1380 WLRM during the new time. We don’t want to forget our loyal local audience.

In fact, the transition should be pretty smooth for everyone who tunes in via the internet, too. We’ll still be doing a three hour live show each week, only now we’ll be airing on Saturday nights from 9pm – midnight Central, rather than on Sunday afternoons. As mentioned, you’ll still be able to listen via our website (as you always have) and the local (WLRM) flagship station. Our broadcast archive of each program will still be available on demand.

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