Gold Market Update

The way things look it will soon be impossible – or very difficult and expensive – to obtain physical gold and silver. The first major wave of physical buying has bought up all of the coins and small bar gold and silver available on the market, with the result that if you want any, you must pay a large premium. Right now, the second wave is underway, with astute investors forcing the Comex to deliver, which is having the effect of drawing down their warehouse stocks at a rapid rate.

As the Comex is massively leveraged and trades hundreds of times more gold and silver than it has in its possession, it is clear that immediately their warehouse stocks are completely depleted, there will be a mad scramble to buy physical gold and silver in order to meet contract obligations.

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Making Financial Sense of the Coming Energy Crisis

Four Proofs of Silver Manipulation!

Here is my proof that there has been manipulation, especially recently.

1. First proof:
Over nineteen major coin shops around the world ran out of silver as the price fell from $21 to $16, as I documented here: from March 19th to April 2, and there are many reports even now that it will take a month or longer to get silver! Some of the big name shops included the Canadian Mint, the U.S. Mint, the Perth Mint, Kitco, Amark who is Johnson Matthey’s number one silver distributor to the public, and Johnson Matthey is the largest silver refiner in the U.S. Other major online dealers popular with investors who ran out included Tulving, NWT Mint, CNI Numismatics, APMEX, and more.

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Why Silver is better than Oil as an Investment

1921_peace_dollar.jpg1.  There is a 40-year supply of oil in the ground.  There
is a 14-year supply of silver in the ground.  Therefore,
silver is the better investment. 

If “peak oil” is true, then every peak oil nutcase out
there ought to be several times more worried about
“peak silver”, since silver reserves will run out sooner. 

If oil is used in more kinds of products than any other commodity on earth, then silver is the second most used commodity, used in electronics of all kinds.  And if silver is used up first, then we won’t have all the electronic machines needed to go and get the oil!

But the “peak oilers” are not so worried about silver.  Why not?  I can only guess, but it is an educated guess based on extensive reading of their works over the years.  I suspect it is because they are ignorant of silver, ignorant of economics, irrationally fearful, and worship government and “mother earth” instead of God.

2.  In 1970, there was a 10-year supply of oil in the ground.  We did not run out in 1980.  We explored, and found oil.  Mankind has explored for oil and produced oil only for 150 years or so, which creates extra fear of uncertainty (unlike silver and gold’s 5000 year history).  Since we did not run out in 1980, then we will not run out in 2050, over 40 years from now. 

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