In this video I encourage people to ‘not’ send money to Haiti but to rather send it to people currently living in tent cities in the United States. Please forward the video to your contacts. Thanks for watching!


Inside Haiti’s food riots

For years, Hernite Joseph scraped a living by selling imported chicken parts in the muddy markets of Port-Au-Prince’s seaside slums.

The three dollars or so she made each day used to be enough to take care of her unemployed husband and three children.

Now, she is struggling to stave off starvation.

“Everything has changed,” says Joseph, stabbing at a half-frozen chunk of poultry with a screwdriver.

“My kids are like toothpicks. Before, if you had $1.25, you could buy vegetables, some rice, 10 cents of charcoal and a little cooking oil.”

“Right now, a little can of rice alone costs 65 cents, and it’s not good rice at all. Oil is 25 cents. Charcoal is 25 cents. With $1.25, you can’t even make a plate of rice for one child.”

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