Actual FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Flyer

Report all “Constitutionalists,” “White Nationalists,” and “Common law proponents” to JTTF.

By the way, aren’t Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and about a hundred other professional race hustlers “urban riot agitators?”

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Drugs, prostitution threaten wildlife refuges

America’s wildlife refuges are so short of money that one-third have no staff, boardwalks and buildings are in disrepair, and drug dealers are using them to grow marijuana and make methamphetamine, a group pushing for more funding says.

“Without adequate funding, we are jeopardizing some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and wild lands,” said Evan Hirsche, president of the National Wildlife Refuge Association and chairman of the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement.

The cooperative said in a report released Thursday to Congress that the nation’s 548 refuges and the 100-million-acre National Wildlife Refuge System — about the size of California — is underfunded by 43 percent. The refuge system needs at least $765 million a year but is receiving $434 million, the report says.

A decrease in law enforcement has left the refuges vulnerable to criminal activity, including prostitution, torched cars and illegal immigrant camps along the Potomac River in suburban Washington, methamphetamine labs in Nevada and pot growing operations in Washington state, Hirsche said.

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FBI cites escalating U.S. mortgage fraud problem

Mortgage fraud is an escalating problem in the United States, the FBI said on Tuesday in a report that cited the subprime lending crisis as a key contributing factor.

The FBI said it received 46,717 “suspicious activity reports” from financial institutions related to mortgage fraud last year, compared with 35,617 in fiscal 2006 and just 6,936 in fiscal 2003. The government’s fiscal year begins on Oct. 1.

The total dollar loss attributed to mortgage fraud is unknown. But 7 percent of the suspicious activity reports filed in 2007 indicated a specific dollar loss exceeding $813 million, the FBI said.

“The $813 million loss denoted in this report is just the tip of the iceberg, reflecting only a small percentage of financial damage suffered by victims of mortgage fraud,” said Assistant FBI Director Kenneth Kaiser, who is in charge of the criminal investigative division.

“The FBI remains committed to working with our law enforcement, regulatory, and industry partners to unravel these complicated fraud schemes and bring their perpetrators to justice,” he said in a statement released with the report that details mortgage fraud in 2007.

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Cops to get rifles to compete with gangs

Chicago Police officers will soon be equipped with M4 carbines to match the firepower of the street gangs they’re up against, under a policy change in the works to stop the bloodshed on the city’s streets.

Police Supt. Jody Weis’ decision to arm and train his 13,500 officers with more powerful weapons was disclosed as Mayor Daley emerged from a City Hall summit meeting with a plea to every Chicagoan who cares about children.

“I don’t want people to wait for Mayor Daley to call a meeting. I want you to call a meeting in your home, with your children and loved ones. I want you to . . . talk to those children next door. I want the parents on the block to say, ‘This block will be free of violence. This summer, not one child will be [killed by] gangs and drug dealers,’ ” Daley told a City Hall news conference.

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FBI Can Use Cellphone Mic To Eavesdrop

Gang Members Get Trained in the Army

mexican_soldiers.jpgWhile hundreds of Mexican soldiers are deserting
the army to join drug trafficking gangs, California
is facing the opposite problem: A growing number
of gang members here have infiltrated the U.S.
Armed Forces in order to receive military training.

The numbers speak for themselves: In 2003 there were just 16 incidents of gang members in the U.S. Armed Forces, while in 2006 the total was 10,309, according to the study, “Gang-Related Activity in the U.S. Armed Forces Increasing,” released in 2007 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Twenty-two official entities, including the Los Angeles Police Department, participated in the report.

This study, classified as sensitive and meant for use by official agencies, reveals the presence of street gangs like the Mexican Mafia (EME), the Mara Salvatrucha, Hells Angels, The 18th Street Gang, the Norteños, the Sureños, as well as various supremacist groups on military bases.

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FBI Works To Create ‘shoot-to-kill’ Citizen Army

infraguard.jpgThe FBI reportedly launches a clandestine alliance
which prepares privileged citizens to ‘shoot to kill’
without possibility of prosecution.

An alliance dubbed the ‘InfraGard’, which reportedly consists of over 23,000 representatives of the US’ private sector in addition to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, is engaged in secret activities to maintain elements of ‘critical national infrastructure’.

According to a February 7 article published in the Progressive magazine, these businessmen impart vital information to the FBI in return for secret intelligence about ‘terrorist threats’ prior to informing the pubic and perhaps even government officials.

“One business owner in the United States tells me that InfraGard members are being advised on how to prepare for a martial law situation-and what their role might be,” author Matthew Rothschild quoted a whistleblower as saying.

“Then they said when-not if-martial law is declared, it was our responsibility to protect our portion of the infrastructure, and if we had to use deadly force to protect it, we couldn’t be prosecuted,” the informant claimed.

The report added that a business executive who had an InfraGard card said the organization’s activities have foreseen granting permission to ‘shoot to kill’.

By ‘infrastructure’ he was referring to such sectors as agriculture, defense, energy, food, information, telecommunications, law enforcement, public health, transportation, the banking and finance sectors as well as the chemical industry in which InfraGard members are believed to be most active.