Night of the Living Debt

Close your eyes and picture your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all alone and scared, in an old, abandoned graveyard. The moon disappears behind one of the gathering storm clouds. Lurching forms begin to emerge from behind tilting gravestones.

A hand emerges from the earth and clutches at one of your children. They all begin screaming and dashing about, desperately seeking safety that does not exist.

Suddenly, one child shrieks in heart-rending agony as, set upon by three moldy corpses, her slender leg is bitten by one. As each child tries to help the other, he or she also is taken to the ground by slimy zombie-like creatures who begin to feed on the tiny forms.

Then you realize that you are one of the zombies, just as you sink your rotten teeth into the warm, gently yielding flesh of your offspring.

Hollywood “B” movie stuff? No. Reality? Not yet, but it’s coming, even if only euphemistically.

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This is going to be quick and dirty today. No cute cartoons. No philosophizing. We haven’t time for any of that today.

I believe we are on the verge of the outbreak of World War III. Right now.

If I’m wrong, then so be it. I’ll apologize for being overreactive later. Too much hangs in the balance if I am right. Treat it as an exercise if you like. A practice for when the real thing happens, because you can be sure the real thing will happen … and soon.

For those who follow my writings and know just how right I usually am, be advised that I consider this to be very likely in the very near term (within the next week or two), highly likely within the next month or two and dead certain within the next year or two. I am uncertain only about the timing, not the outcome. The outcome is worldwide war, of course, and the likely defeat of America.

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Dead Cat Bounce

My name is Edgar J. Steele.

I’ve been off having surgery, to answer all the questions. But I’m getting back into it now, thanks for the expressions of concern. That’s the great thing about working for free – you get to pick your own hours.

Ever seen a dead cat? Ever seen one bounce off the pavement? Use your imagination, then. That’s all that is going on right now, economically. If that.

Fact is, the government lies about everything now. Everything. I’ve become so jaded that I automatically disbelieve everything I hear from official sources. Everything.

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Silver has been Exploding for 5 years now

Whenever silver prices take a dip, people lament the delay in the rise in prices and ask me “When will silver prices explode?”

Well, it’s been exploding for 5 years now. In 2003, silver’s low point was $4.15/oz. in the spring. This year, silver is “about” $18. From $5 to $18 over 5 years is an “average” annual gain of a whopping 29%. It may not seem like a lot because we have such high expectations for silver (along with waiting during price consoladations lasting 1.5 years at a time), but let’s see what 29% gains per year really look like over the next 15 years. Most people don’t seem to understand the power of compounding gains. So, I made two charts to illustrate the points.

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A Rising Storm

What’s the matter? Having trouble making ends meet? Sick of the cost of everything going up while your income actually goes down? Laid off? House equity shot? Borrowed up to the gills with all your credit cards maxed out? Now you can’t afford food, you say?

Well, here’s a big part of the reason why. $36,000 flows to each illegal alien family in America, each and every year (see the first article reproduced below). If that doesn’t sound like much, consider that, with perhaps 80 million tax-paying households in America (yours being one of them, of course), each and every one of our households pays $4,325 each and every year toward that $36,000 that each illegal alien family receives.

Did you net $36,000 after taxes last year? Neither did I. But they did. No wonder they keep flooding over that border. Wouldn’t you?

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