John Ziegler vs Contessa Brewer

As you’ll see from the following video journalists absolutely hate being on the defensive. Contessa Brewer is like all journalists in the regard that they can dish it out but they can’t take it. Please pass this video on to your contacts so they can watch and see what a total joke news reporting in America has become.  -Ed.


Economy to Weaken Next Year: Merrill’s Rosenberg

The US economy is likely to weaken even further next year, but inflation is mainly contained to oil and other commodities, Merrill Lynch economist David Rosenberg told CNBC.

“I actually believe that `09 is going to be weaker than `08,” the well-known economist said.| “It’s not going to be a straight line; not every quarter is going to be bad.”

“The capital-goods sector is decent, exports are decent,” Rosenberg added. “In terms of the credit crunch, are the numbers coming in broadly above my expectations of three months ago?| There’s no question, but let’s not sugar-coat the situation. It is fraying at the edges right now.”

He also said he saw something ominous in the otherwise-positive first-quarter GDP report, something he didn’t see in 2001, or in nearly two decades: A slowdown in sales of durable and semi-durable goods.

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