US Mass Media Is Dying

In the following video Marina Portnaya with Russia Today interviews Michael Wolff. Wolff is the creator of, in the interview Wolff explains how the US mass media is transforming and how that change will create opportunities for alternative news outlets.

Billboard Opportunity

headshot.jpgby John Ubele

One of the main goals of this campaign for the Florida
House of Representatives is to raise enough money to
purchase a billboard advertisement. For those of us
who are seasoned activists we know how powerful
billboard advertising can be and how difficult it is
to obtain.

The plan is to advertise the campaign website on a highly visible billboard. The display will generate a considerable amount of web traffic to the campaign web site. This traffic in turn will be routed to other sites that are linked from the campaign address.

Not only will we reach our people with our message of hope but we’ll also be educating them when they visit the campaign site. Many voters who see the billboard will be much more likely to vote for our ideals in November. The more votes the campaign receives the more legitimacy our efforts will have in the eyes of the public.Of course, the more success we have the more the media will become enraged. This last part should give us even more incentive to donate to putting this billboard up and keeping it up for as long as we possibly can. The billboard costs about $1,000 a month. The goal is to keep it up for at least three months.

I will match each dollar donated to the campaign with one of my own, up to an amount of $2,000. This $2,000 amount could translate to 20 people giving the campaign $100. I know that at least 20 people reading this article have $100 to donate to this endeavor.  Please be one of those 20 and send your donation today!The maximum campaign contribution is $500 and all U.S. citizens are eligible to donate. You may donate by Paypal or mail to:

John Ubele for Florida House of Representatives District 46
P.O. Box 1104

Port Richey, FL.34673

We need to take advantage of this opportunity to get our message out to the mainstream but I need your help to do it.

Together we can make a difference!